Bronx girl gang member turned Girl Scout: Hear her at Celebration of the Century

She goes by her first name Pegine (Pe-geen). If it’s good enough for Oprah, Shakira and Madonna it’s good enough for her.  New York Newsday calls Pegine “a walking one-woman antidote to workplace cynicism.” Feisty and fun, Pegine is one of 58 inductees into the prestigious Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame that includes luminaries Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie and Tony Robbins.

Pegine will be speaking April 28 at the Celebration of the Century, at the High Award brunch and our annual meeting.

She is lifelong Girl Scout and former Girl scout leader. Her daughter is a Gold Award recipient.

At the High Awards brunch, Pegine will present “Be Feisty, Be Fearless, Be Focused, Get Gold.” Be Feisty: communicate your value as a female leader. Be Fearless: promoting your gold award for scholarships and employment opportunities. Be Focused: think like a champion because you are. Get ready to laugh, learn and be inspired.

At the annual meeting, she will talk about “One Movement – One Voice A Family Affair.” Each member of a family and each member of Girl Scouts is unique. Just like a diamond, sapphire and emerald we are all valuable and we are all GEMS.  This interactive program tells the story of two generations of Girl Scouts. Each took unique paths to becoming female leaders in a diverse world. It is a Girl Scout family affair of one movement, with one voice going down different roads to the same end – becoming female leaders in a diverse world.

RSVPs are required for the High Awards brunch and annual meeting. Invitations have been sent. To learn more, visit

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We build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.
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