Taking action and making a difference – Aislinn Geedey

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Aislinn Geedey was working on some mission work at vacation bible school when she came up with the idea for her Bronze Award project. “We made hygiene kits for a local shelter and I thought that I could do something similar for my Bronze Award.”

After touring Christian Care Domestic Violence Shelter, Aislinn discovered one of the shelter’s biggest needs was children’s clothing – people often arrive with only the clothes they are wearing. Aislinn connected the domestic violence shelter with her church’s clothing ministry, The Wardrobe. After finding out that The Wardobe was low on the amount of children’s clothing, she decided to help replenish it with a clothing drive at her school.

The people staying at the shelter then received vouchers for free bags of clothing.

Because of Aislinn’s Bronze Award project, 737 pieces of children’s clothing were donated to The Wardrobe. One hundred people from the shelter received vouchers. Each voucher allows up to five bags of clothes per family without paying the $1 requested donation.

Her school will continue the clothing drive each fall.

Dozens of people benefitted from Aislinn’s project, including herself. Aislinn is already making plans to earn her Silver Award.

“I learned that I can do probably do anything that I set my mind on and really want to get accomplished. I also learned that I can’t do everything by myself.”

“The thing that helped me finish my project was knowing that I would feel horrible if I let all those people down that I had promised to try and help with my project. You feel so happy and proud of yourself for doing something that took a lot of effort and other people benefitted from your work.”

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2 Responses to Taking action and making a difference – Aislinn Geedey

  1. Deb Griffin Senko says:

    Wonderful job Aislinn.

  2. Claudia Reich says:

    Aislinn, What a wonderful project and it is nice to know the process works….you saw a need, went to the agency, discovered they really needed something a little different and you went for it. Also the project is sustainable for years to come. Great job!!!

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