A letter from a Girl Scout dad

As a parent of a little 7-year-old girl named Grace I want to thank the Girl Scout organization for what they are doing. Your programs are definitely having an effect on my daughter and what she thinks of herself. This little story is proof of that.

While driving my daughter to her dance class yesterday we had the following conversation.

Dad: So your dance group is going to have a float in the homecoming parade Thursday right?

Grace: Ya, but I am not going to be on it.

Dad: Why?

Grace: My Girl Scout Troop is having one so I am going to do that instead.

Dad: Why the Girl Scout one instead of the dance one?

Grace: Well, I guess if I am going to let the people know that I am changing the world I need to be on the Girl Scout one.

Your programs build so much confidence in these little girls it is amazing. She really honestly feels she in some way is changing the world and that people will recognize that by seeing her on that Girl Scout float.

Thank you for what you do and even more so for what you do for my daughter’s confidence in who she is and helping her know she is making a difference in our world.

Don Habben

About Ann McGlynn

We build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.
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