Girl Scout Juniors bring Christmas cheer to local seniors.

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Girl Scout Junior troop 8124 of Anamosa has been collecting items for the Jones County Senior Center for project the past couple of years and December 16, 2012 they saw the culmination of their hard work.

These three Girl Scout Juniors collected items for 190 seniors. With the help of their community, the girls collected an overwhelming abundance; 33 blankets, 35 scarves, 45 hats, 67 pairs of gloves and 54 pairs of socks. In total, 234 items were collected and donated to the seniors.

“The girls have enjoyed doing this project in the past and this year they were thrilled to learn that even though there was only 3 girls in the troop” mentions leader, Cristin Gienapp.

The seniors that will receive these items are a mix of homebound seniors and those who attend the center. For some, this is the only present they receive this Christmas and it means a great deal to these girls to do this for them!

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