$25 Gift Certificates and a New Online Shop

Spring is the season of Girl Scout bridging! You can purchase Great Start Kits and Bridging Kits at the council retail shops and the new online shop! The online shop sells a slightly different version of each.

Service units, do you want to earn a $25 gift certificate for use in the council retail shops? All you have to do is mention at your service unit meeting the extended hours:

  • Monday and Thursday until 6 p.m.
  • The first Saturday of the month 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at all retail shop locations (September – May) and the third Saturday of those same months in Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities.
  • These extended hours are not in affect during the summer.

Tell your leaders to shop during those times, mention the service unit number and say they heard about the extended hours at their service unit meeting. The customer/leader/parent shopping will receive 10% off their purchase and the service unit will be put in a drawing to receive a gift certificate based upon the highest number of shoppers for their service unit.

Drawings will be held as follows: December (covering Sept. – Nov.), March (covering Dec. – Feb.), and June (covering March – May).

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One Response to $25 Gift Certificates and a New Online Shop

  1. Brenda Bean says:

    The contest is a nice thought but since it is based on the number of people actually coming into the store, it probably isn’t all that fair to those of us who live an hour or more from any of the shops. We try to pick stuff up for each other or have our RMM deliver to us at SU meetings. Obviously, this reduces the number of people who actually enter the store, even though we are still buying things there. When I first saw the contest, I was intrigued but when I read the rules, I realized that our SU has a very small chance of winning. It wouldn’t be worth the gas money for our leaders to make the trip. Just something to think about if you do this again.

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