The Choice is Yours at summer camp.

A blog post written by Einstein (Val Harle), Director of Camp Conestoga

As a camp director one of the things I have heard a lot from girls who have gone to camp is that they want to be able to do a certain activity more than once or that they wanted to do an activity like archery and the rest of their group did not.

Since camp is planned by girls and the group of girls decides what they’d like to do, there are times one activity gets left undone in favor of something else. For example, the group decides to spend time canoeing instead of taking a nature hike. What if you really wanted to take that nature hike?

Well, there is a new camp session to solve this problem. The Choice is Yours lets the girl decide individually what she wants to do each day.

So, if archery is your thing or you really want to learn more about developing photos in the dark room, you can spend time learning that skill. The best part is that a girl can go to camp with a buddy or even her whole troop and decide what she wants to do and do it. There’s still plenty of time to hang out with friends at meals, at the unit but the girls pick what they want to do without having to compromise with the group.

Canoeing everyday? Not a problem. Zipline twice? Sure. Don’t like arts and crafts? Girls don’t have to go. The Choice is Yours. This session is for girls entering 6th-12th grades and girls can register individually, with a buddy or as a troop.

The Choice is Yours will be held at both Camp Little Cloud and Camp Conestoga this summer. Registration opened March 1. Register early so you don’t miss it!


Learn more about 2013 summer camp at

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9 Responses to The Choice is Yours at summer camp.

  1. Jane I. Duax says:

    Will you be offering camperships? I am a single mother of 2. It is quite expensive to send my daughter to GS Camp and her brother in a different direction. pPlus having to figure out and pay for just about every other thing I need to find for them to do from Memorial day until the start of school the middle of August. The cost of GS camp just about blows the budget if there are no camperships available!!! And that is a crying shame! GS Camp would be my first choice for her. I would like her to go for at least a week or two to truely be able to enjoy the full camping experience. these 3 day sessions you now offer are like a drop in the bucket!!

    • Allison Passon says:

      Hello Jane,
      We want every girl to experience Girl Scout Camp. Grants for Campers are available to girls based on levels of financial need demonstrated on the grant application using National Poverty Guidelines. Families can request up to $250 per year per camper. When applying a $25 deposit is required to process grant requests. Here is the link to the Grants for Campers form found on our website, If you have further questions, please call 800-798-0833.

      • Jane I. Duax says:

        Thank you so very much! I am really glad to hear that camperships will still be available. Can you make that fact more visiable in your camp marketing materials so parents are more aware of the camperships availablity?? As a parent, no matter how much I want my kids to do something or they want to do something, I have to look at the bottom line: How much does it costs???? GS Camp is Very expensive even with the 3 tier system that you offer. Thanks again for getting back to me.


        PS are located in the Bettendorf office, Allison? Or where?

  2. mary lou cotton says:

    i’d like to know where the Camp Tahigwa blog and Camp LeKeta blogs are? Don’t we have at least 4 camps at the moment?

    • Allison Passon says:

      Camp blogs are a tool used to update parents on resident camp happenings throughout the summer resident camp sessions. Those are the two camps that have resident camp this summer.

      • Jane I. Duax says:

        But is there not Troop Camping and things being offered at Tahigwa & L-Kee-ta during this 2013 Camping season? Why is ther not an effort to promote those things? I thought it would be fun to bring a troop of girls from the Quad Cities to do camping at those camps. I would think other troops might do the same if they knew the option was available for them. GSEIWI needs to do better job of marketing – and providing camping opportunites to the girls in all 38 counties they serve.

      • mary lou cotton says:

        You are correct about the marketing. There is also day camp offered at Tahigwa – but it is a long way for the day. Ridiculous! There are also two 3-day sessions. Me and my Pals and Camp Fantastic or something like that in July. I was disappointed when i saw the programs being offered at the two “chosen camps” and then the brochures promoting how much we love our camps and girls love the camps, but then they are planning on closing them. Also what about being how environmentally friends we are? So sell the camps and through the land out to others to protect, we don’t think it serves the girls and the communities that are near and close to them? We in the outreach sections don’t have the number of girls, so that gives our girls less importance to the council. They want the Girl Scout program to be available for those in the urban areas but not the rural areas?? If you ask National do they think the Midwest is not worth their consideration, because we lack the numbers that the metropolitan areas have? I’m having a real problem with what is going on in our council. Most of the members of the board recommending that they close the camps haven’t even physically looked at the camps, but they can decide they are not worth saving? i realize the economics of these decisions are important. Sometimes hard choses have to be made. But i don’t think they should be rushed or made without full knowledge and without the support of the members of our Non-profit organization.

  3. Jane I. Duax says:

    Good question, Mary Lou! Einstein or Allison, do we have 4 camps right now or not??? What are the camp programs being offered at all 4 camps this summer?

  4. Lynn White says:

    So what’s wrong with learning to compromise and be a team with the other girls in your unit? Life is about compromise and working together! My daughter likes to try new things at camp, that her counselor suggests or girls in her unit, not only do what she already likes to do. Why don’t you offer camp at all 4 camps anymore? It’s so much closer for families to go to a local camp. Conestoga is closest for us, but if you sell it, it will be hard to drive 3 hours somewhere else for troop camping on a weekend.

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