What to do with extra cookies

Cookie Booth

This is the last week of the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program for eastern Iowa and western Illinois Girl Scouts. Hopefully, your Girl Scout cookie stash is dwindling down to nothing. But if not and you have Girl Scout cookies coming out of your eyeballs, you aren’t out of luck.

The cookie sale recognition period ends Monday, March 17 and the remainder of the troop balance is due for the second ACH withdrawal taking place on March 20. Yet that doesn’t mean Girl Scouts have to stop selling Girl Scout cookies.

Some typical ways to sell the remainders of your cookie pile are:

  • Hold booth sales
  • Have a cookie caravan
  • Swap with other troops
  • Hold a meeting with your troop to brainstorm ideas
  • Contact local businesses to see if they want to purchase cookies for giveaways to employees or customers (reminder – businesses cannot purchase cookies to re-sell them.)

You can even get creative!

  • Is a day camp happening in your area this summer? Is there a daycare or preschool near you? Maybe they would like to purchase cookies to have as a snack one day.
  • In the heat of summer, how refreshing would a Lemonade or Mango Creme be? Hold a cookie booth at garage sales!
  • Research or create recipes using the Girl Scout cookies then market those ideas! (Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas to get you started).  You don’t have to eat the cookie as a cookie; there are many ways to eat a Girl Scout cookie!

This may be the last week of the 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program, but it doesn’t have to be the last of the 2013 Girl Scout cookie consumption. This is when the creativity sets in!

Share your ideas here in a comment!

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