Racin’ to the finish line!

Service Unit 607 held their first Powder Puff Derby Saturday, March 2! Twenty-eight Girl Scouts prepared their cars for weeks all to culminate on race day. A Powder Puff Derby is similar to the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby.

In a Powder Puff Derby, girls get derby car kit with a block of wood, four nails for axles, and four plastic wheels.  Then, based on the rules, she shapes and paints her block of wood into a form to race down the track with minimal adult assistance. A car isn’t the only thing racing at Powder Puff Derbies.  LEGOs, shoes, sharks, birthday cakes have all graced the derby track with their presence numerous times.

The Cub Scouts let Girl Scouts use their Pinewood Derby track before their Pinewood Derby later that morning. The Cub Scout fathers lent a helping hand by volunteering as check-in judges.

Purples, pinks, sparkles, jewels and glittery stickers were all a blur as 28 homemade cars raced to the finish line.

And the winners were….

Naomi B. received the Sportsmanship Award and also was voted by her peers to receive the Girls’ Choice Car Award.

Carlie F. was the top finisher, while Claire D. and Ella S. raced into second and third place, respectively.

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