Girl Scout council listens, shares update.

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois reached an agreement in court this morning with local member petitioners who filed an injunction against the organization on March 22, 2013.  Lawyers were able to reach an agreement prior to the ruling on the following conditions:

  • The Girls Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois will cancel the board meeting set for March 28.
  • The Girls Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois will provide notification of the rescheduled board meeting to its membership per organizational by-laws.
  • The Girls Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois anticipates sharing a revised property recommendation along with the meeting notification.

The original recommendation from the property committee released February 5 to sell all four current camps is off the table.  The property recommendation filed with the injunction is a preliminary recommendation that incorporated feedback from community town hall meetings, phone calls and emails. The preliminary recommendation also took into account the collected research and the fiscal responsibility to the organization.

“We value the opinions and thoughts of all our volunteers and members and appreciate their passion for this process,” explains Diane Nelson, Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois CEO, “We look forward to reaching a position, in which we are all on the same page; able to fulfill the organization’s mission to the girls while responsibly investing in the future of our outdoor experiences.”

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois board will have a collaborative work session on March 28 only to discuss, review and revise the preliminary recommendation provided by the property committee. Following their discussion, a fully developed recommendation will be shared with all members of GSEIWI along with the board meeting notification.

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois is committed to open communication throughout this process.  Updates will be provided as they come available, shared via the GSEIWI website ( and blog as well as Facebook.

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3 Responses to Girl Scout council listens, shares update.

  1. Jane I. Duax says:

    Thank you for listening and slowing down this process. Let’s work together to have a Super Camping experience for our Girls of Today and Tomorrow. SOS Camps have a lot of great ideas and are not afraid to dig in there and do what needs to be done for the girls within this 38 County council.

  2. mary lou cotton says:

    Yes Thanks to everyone who has participated in this process. But the work is just beginning and we need to start putting a more personal touch to everyone in the council and start working together as a team and council, both volunteers and staff. Let the rebuilding begin!

  3. Jane I. Duax says:

    The new plan represents a move in the right direction. It is significant because it no longer calls for the outright sale of all 4 camps. And for that, we are glad and thank the Council.

    But the new plan does call for the sale of land from all four camps at any point in time, when the Council determines that the land is “unutilized” and this represents a serious concern.

    Years ago, this Council knew how to utilize all the land at each of its camps. It ran a vibrant residential summer camping program and was very skilled at attracting girls of all ages to leave their distractions behind, and come to the woods to experience something wonderful.

    Many of us certainly understand that today girls might be more comfortable with their iPads than campfires, but we believe that in their hearts, girls of all generations are the same. If given the chance and the right guidance, they will learn to love nature and the woods, they become excited to learn camping skills, they develop a sense of teamwork as well as self-confidence, and they forge friendships for life.

    And for those reasons, we are hopeful that the Council will be open to continue to hear the ideas from the membership who formed the Save Our Girl Scout Camps (SOS GROUP} and be open to letting us work with them to revitalize and to restore all 4 camps in this 38 county, Bi-State Girl Scout Council to full operation. (Please note: many of the SOS members are the original STEM girls – before the acronym was coined – working today as professional women in STEM careers.)

    It was disappointing to read “Collaborative vision for our camps has been achieved” when in fact the membership was not welcomed or even invited to attend the March 28th “Working” Board Meeting. Furthermore, to learn at that CLOSED March 28th meeting, “the board and property committee members received a presentation which provided the board with a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities associated with a re-imagined camp and outdoor experience. As a result, the revised recommendation was developed…”

    As registered members of GSEIWI, my daughter and I would have liked to have been privy to that presentation which resulted in your “new” property recommendation. A recommendation that REALLY is not all that different from the original recommendation on February 5th. After all, the word divest does means sell.

    For these reasons, I hope the Board of GSEIWI votes to No the current Property Committee recommendation at the April 11th Board Meeting.

    Instead bring it forth two weeks later to the April 25th Annual Meeting of the Membership. Allow the membership to VOTE on what happens to the property: the camp land that was donated and thus owned by the membership. What is the darn hurry anyway????

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