Spring into your 2014 membership!

Today is the day you can officially spring register for the 2014 Girl Scout year!

Why register early? Here are the top five reasons to register now and not wait:

  1. The way cool incentives! Girls who re-register will receive a cool “Girl Scout Gear” pencil case and spring registration patch. Adults who re-register will receive a zipper pouch key chain. These are available only to those who spring register.
  2. Troops and Juliettes that spring register online can have the incentives mailed directly to the troop leader or Juliette! After you register, email SpringReg@GirlScoutsToday.org with your name, troop number, mailing address and the number of girl and adult incentives needed.
  3. Make it easier in the fall to get up and going! The Fall Product Sale can sneak up on you if you are busy worrying about getting girls re-registered.
  4. Time! If a troop leader is not returning, there is time to find a new leader. And that new leader has time to complete training before the busy fall.
  5. It’s easy! Simple enough right?

For more information on registration, visit http://girlscoutstoday.org/spring-registration.

Happy Spring Registering!

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3 Responses to Spring into your 2014 membership!

  1. Bylinda K Allwood says:

    I have two girls, ages 11 & 9, that both want to be in Girl Scouts again for the ’13-’14 year but their leader did not have the final meeting where we were to sign up. I am not sure if she registered them, as she had called me to find out if the wanted to re-register. If I register them online now, will they still be able to be eligible for the incentives? Please let me know as soon as possible so if I can & need to, then I will do so! Thank you so much for your time!

    • Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois says:

      Bylinda, we are happy to help you figure spring registration out. We responded to you with an email. Please check your email inbox for the email and reply.

  2. Bylinda K Allwood says:

    Thank you so much! My girls would be so disappointed if they could not be in scouts again this coming season! We are going to be moving soon so as soon as we are settled in I will contact you to get the registration completed! Have a wonderful day!

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