The Choice is Yours at summer camp.

Blog post written by Einstein (Val Harle), Director of Camp Conestoga and Outdoor Leadership Experience Manager

As a camp director, one of the things I have heard a lot from girls who have gone to camp is that they want to be able to do a certain activity more than once or they wanted to do an activity, like archery, and the rest of their group did not.

Since camp is planned by the group of girls there are times one activity gets left undone in favor of something else. For example, the group decides to spend time canoeing instead of taking a nature hike. What if you really wanted to take a nature hike?

Well, there is a new camp session to solve this problem. The Choice is Yours lets the girl decide individually what she wants to do each day.

So, if archery is your thing or you really want to learn more about developing photos in the dark room, you can spend time learning that skill. The best part is that a girl can go to camp with a buddy or even her whole troop and decide what she wants to do and do it. There’s still plenty of time to hang out with friend but the girls pick what they want to do without having to compromise with the group.

Canoeing everyday? Not a problem. Zipline twice? Sure. Don’t like arts and crafts? Girls don’t have to go. The Choice is Yours. This session is for girls entering 6th-12th grades and girls can register individually, with a buddy or as a troop.

The Choice is Yours session will be held at Camp Little Cloud and Camp Conestoga this summer.


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