A Second Week of Awesome Summer Outdoor Program

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Camp has had an eventful time in the last week and a half! The rainstorms earlier in the week effected Camp Tahigwa with the most damage and clean up from the flooding has gone on ever since. The other three camps- Camp Little Cloud, Camp L-Kee-Ta and Camp Little Cloud- had a lot of rainfall but thankfully, did not see any flooding.

We are happy to report that all the campers have been safe throughout these storms. Kudos to the awesome camp staff that monitor the weather and follow safety procedures during storms.

Brainstorm Meeting at Camp L-Kee-Ta

The first of several volunteer meetings to brainstorm ideas for each camp occurred Monday night at Camp L-Kee-Ta. Over 30 volunteers came together to discuss ways to encourage more use of camp and share current successes in programming out at camp. It was fantastic to hear about the amazing events that service unit volunteers throughout the region are planning for girls at Camp L-Kee-Ta. As more meetings are planned, I’ll be sure to post the information.

Water Warriors at Camp Little Cloud

DSCF1214 (2)

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit with the Water Warriors session at Camp Little Cloud while they were learning about the principles of water and surface tension. Afterwards, they were off on a trip to learn how to navigate the water on stand up paddle boards. Above, I’ve included a photo of two girls mastering the technique!

As the day wore on, the girls designed their own boats and tested their buoyancy on the water.  This session, designed with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities, gave the girls a chance to try new adventurous activities all while learning science basics for the real world.

Sherlock at Camp Conestoga

angela w sherlock group at CC (2)

Later in the week, I began the first of several visits to conduct focus groups with girls from both resident camps. I met with four girls from Sherlock session at Camp Conestoga where 6-8 grade girls focused on solving crimes through the use of forensics, code breaking and fingerprint dusting. Before we settled down for our focus group, I had the opportunity to watch as these girls conquered their fears and strove to complete the challenge of touching the tree on our zip line. I made sure to get a photo with the four of them in their perfectly pink Camp Conestoga t-shirts!

Counselor In Training and Wrangler in Training

I also was fortunate to meet four high school girls involved in our teen mentoring program at Camp Conestoga (Counselor In Training and Wrangler In Training). I experienced firsthand their passion for the outdoors and their willingness to help younger girls during their stay at camp. I look forward to seeing those girls continue to develop their leadership skills and become camp counselors in a few years!

That’s all for this week of outdoor program with Angela Ventris. Check back next week for more excited news and adventures in outdoor program!

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2 Responses to A Second Week of Awesome Summer Outdoor Program

  1. Lanie / Chipper says:

    Thanks for the update, Angela! It’s great to read about and see photos of the terrific programs at the camps this summer! Focus groups, interaction and brainstorming meetings with campers, camp staff and volunteers will help tremendously in developing future successful camp programs.

  2. Lanie / Chipper says:

    During a two week session at Camp Conestoga years ago, we had 10 days of rain, so we came up with the idea for an all camp circus! Campers of all ages had fun planning circus acts, designing costumes and skits, lashing animal cages (for their stuffed animals), and coloring huge side show posters on newsprint. Tarps were hung in the dining hall to make a circus tent, plus we had music, carnival games and popcorn. Camp is great, rain or shine! Thanks for the updates, Angela! Glad to read about your focus groups and brainstorming sessions.

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