Learning to Be A Friend First


Navigating friendships in in middle school is a challenge nearly every girl faces. This year, we’re excited to help girls understand the complexities of friendship with the Be A Friend First (BFF) program.

Be a Friend First specializes in equipping girls with the skills needed to deal with the very specific kind of bullying that happens with girls, often referred to as relational aggression. Even as adults, many can remember being shunned for wearing the wrong color of shirt, or given the silent treatment for some grievous crime (such as liking something decidedly un-cool).

We are taking a stand against bullying and helping girls do the same.

This fall in Dubuque, with the help of the Dubuque Community School District L.E.A.P. program, we are providing an after school program to take action against bullying and cyberbullying.

With the generous donation from the Dubuque Racing Association, girls in this program will:

  • complete the aMaze!  Journey
  • service the community with a Take Action project focusing on being a good friend first
  • learn how to act when bullying behaviors start and how to stand up for herself and others

A separate event is happening November 9, for fourth and fifth grade girls and parents are invited to Girl Power! The day is designed exclusively to help girls embrace their true colors and navigate the emotional rollercoasters of daily life. While parents learn how to support and connect with their daughters and their friends.

Be A Friend First is for every girl, not just Girl Scouts, because all girls deserve to have a friend and all girls can learn how to be a good friend too.

Be A Friend First programming is happening throughout our council, if you’re interested in more information contact us at info@girlscoutstoday.org and 800-798-0833

About Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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