Learn the Girl Scout Lingo

If you’re new to Girl Scouts, you may think Girl Scouts speak a whole new language. And in a way we do. We’ve put together a list of frequently used words in Girl Scouting.

Bridging- the act of moving up from one Girl Scout level to the next. Girls usually cross a bridge during a ceremony to symbolize the transition.

Buddy System- a safety practice that allows two girls to move about and keep track of each other.

Friendship Circle- a group stands and holds hands, right arm crossed over left. This symbolizes equality and an unbroken chain of friendship for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides worldwide.

Friendship Squeeze- a hand squeeze that is sent around a Friendship Circle. Girls often move one foot forward after receiving the squeeze and passing it along so everyone can see the squeeze travel.

Girl Scout Handshake- a way Girl Scouts of Girl Guides greet each other. Shake with the left hand and give the Girl Scout Sign with the right.

Girl Scout Promise and Law- the Girl Scout Promise is a pledge made by each member, both girls and adults, to live up to the ideals of Girl Scouting. Members live the 10 parts of the Girl Scout Law to fulfill the Girl Scout Promise.

Girl Scout Sign- made by holding up the three middle fingers on the right hand. Used when making/saying the Girl Scout Promise.

GSEIWI- the acronym used for Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

Investiture- a ceremony at which a girl first becomes a Girl Scout by making the Girl Scout Promise and receiving a membership pin.

Juliette Gordon Low (aka Daisy)- founder of Girl Scouts of the USA

Kaper Chart- a grid system, wheel or table showing the tasks assigned to each girl or group of girls; useful for meetings, campouts, etc.

Rededication- a ceremony at which a girl or adult, who has been previously invested (see Investiture), renews the Girl Scout Promise.

RMM- the acronym for regional membership manager.

Service Unit- a geographical region of volunteers.

Sit-Upon- a cushion made by Girl Scouts to use when the ground is damp or to keep their clothes clean.

SWAPs (aka Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere)- often made and traded between Girl Scouts at events.

Tag-a-long- a non-registered child attending a Girl Scout event.

What words aren’t on this list but should be? Share them and we’ll define them for you!

About Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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6 Responses to Learn the Girl Scout Lingo

  1. I know what it means, but others may not….when referring to “rules” we commonly used just the phrase “SafetyWise”….just a suggestion!! : )

  2. JJ says:

    Here are some that I regularly get from newer leaders:
    *Journeys (books)
    *What is the difference between a service project and a take action project?
    *GG2GS (as they are known more as “badge books”)
    *SUPM (many experienced leaders don’t know that one, but it appears in TGIF sometimes)

    Just some random thoughts :)

  3. Gerry Floyd says:

    Very good idea and resource for new leaders as well as returning volunteers. Suggestions:
    Include the definition of ” Leadership Experience Center” and “Program Center” , explaining the difference between the two. Explain all acronyms. Provide this resource in Volunteer Essentials.

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