Games With a Purpose You Can Use

This is our second post of Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois blog series, “Games With a Purpose You Can Use” (see part one).

Whenever I’m at an event, I have a list of games in my “mental back pocket”. I’ll explain times I use the game and how you can use them to your advantage during a troop meeting, at a camp overnight or any other time your girls need something to do!

Game: Dragon’s Jewels

Purpose: I use this game when I need to calm a group down. I have used this to help girls become more relaxed and focused after group activities, right before we settle down to watch a movie before bedtime, and to calm girls down before their parents pick them up at the end of an event! This game can be fun for all ages of girls, with younger girls being more interested in the story of the dragon and older girls interested in being quiet enough to sneak past their friend!


  • a set of jingly keys, or other item that makes noise when you pick it up, such as a bell.
  • A bandana to use as a blind fold (if you don’t have one, substitute with a scarf or the girls can simply close their eyes)

Space needed: A quiet room


  1. Have the girls form a circle.
  2. Place the keys or bell in the middle of the circle. Explain that the keys are the village’s jewels and the dragon has taken them. it is up to everyone in the circle, villagers, to take them back.
  3. Choose one girl to be the dragon first. This girl should stand with the keys between her feet. Once she is in position, blindfold the dragon.
  4. Explain to the villagers that this dragon is asleep over their jewels so they must be quiet and go one at a time to try to take back them back. The entire village must be quiet too, otherwise the dragon may wake up!
  5. Choose one girl at a time to try to take back the jewels for the village. The dragon should listen intently for ANY sound. When she thinks she hears a villager, she should point directly at where she heard the sound. If she guessed correctly where the villager was, she has succeeded and that villager now becomes the dragon.

That’s all for this week of outdoor program with Angela Ventris. Check back next week for more excited news and adventures in outdoor program!

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2 Responses to Games With a Purpose You Can Use

  1. Anne Dawson says:

    I am excited to find a new game, and am anxious to try it with my Cadettes and see if they can actually can be quiet! Questions for you, though: does anyone who makes noise become the dragon? Does anyone ever actually get the keys/bells? What happens then?

    • Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois says:

      Hi Anne, The only villager in danger of becoming the dragon is the one attempting to steal the keys/bells. If a villager does steal the keys/bells, and gets back to her place the circle, then the dragon remains the same and the villager who got the keys/bells back to the circle can choose who should go next.

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