Learn the Girl Scout Lingo Pt. 2

So many of you shared important, frequent used Girl Scout terminology that we thought it was necessary for a second Learn the Girl Scout Lingo post (here’s the first). Here are definitions to more Girl Scout words:

Brownie Ring- Girl Scout Brownies sit in a circle to share thoughts and ideas where everyone gets a chance to talk and listen.

eBiz- our online registration site used to register as a Girl Scout and Girl Scout volunteer, for events, and trips.

Journeys- part of the National Program Portfolio for Girl Scouts of the USA aimed at giving girls the benefits of the Girl Scout “Keys to Leadership”: Discover, Connect Take Action.

Girls Guide to Girl Scouting (AKA GG2GS and badge books)- a guide that includes traditional badge requirements, the essential information, a detailed diagram showing where to place the badges, pins, and awards on the uniform, ideas to tie badges in with Journeys, and more.

LEM- the acronym for leadership experience manager, a staff member that plans and runs council-sponsored programs.

Leadership Center- a Girl Scout office where you can contact Girl Scout staff.

Program Center- a property, like camp, where Girl Scout program can take place.

Safety Activity Checkpointsin-depth safety information and tips that adult volunteers use for Girl Scout sports and activities; girls can also use these checkpoints to ready their group for a girl-led activity.

Scouts’ Own- a ceremony where Girl Scouts share their ideas and feelings about a theme that takes place at a group meeting or camp.

Skill Builder Badges- a supplement to the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting that are designed to go along with a Journey.

STEM- stands for science, technology, engineering and math and is one of our five focus for programming.

SUPM- acronym for service unit product manager, a volunteer that coordinates the product sales for a geographic region.

Take Action project- create long-term solutions that continue benefiting the community for years to come. They are measurable (success can be determined based on numbers)  and sustainable (girls make arrangements to ensure the project creates lasting change and isn’t a one-time event).

What words did you have an issue with and how did you discover the definition?

About Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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