4 Tips to Make Winter Camping Fun and Easy!

It’s the perfect time to enjoy winter weather. Snow is everywhere. Temperatures are brisky. Hot chocolate is back in season.

1. Go camping at one of our four Girl Scout camps! All of our facilities are open for winter camping, including Camp Conestoga, with heated buildings warmed up and ready for you when you arrive. Our camps each offer specialty winter activities such as snow shoeing at Camp Tahigwa, ice skating and Camp L-Kee-Ta and Camp Little Cloud and sledding at all four! Call 1-800-798-0833 to get in contact with a ranger and find out about availability.

2. Bring a crock pot, with liners! Make a simple crock pot meal by tossing everything in a crock pot in the morning, and by lunch you’ll have a tasty soup without much work! Bring liners, and there will hardly be any washing up to do either. If you have not tried it before, make breakfast a breeze with a crock pot breakfast casserole! Here is one option, but there are several recipes you can find with a simple internet search: http://www.food.com/recipe/breakfast-casserole-in-the-crock-pot-499075

3. Get girls outdoors! It can be easy to get stuck in an indoor slump, help girls burn off some energy and play one of these  winter outdoor games or activities.

Snow sculpting- make it even more fun by filling up spray bottles with food coloring

Hula Hoop completion- watching the girls try to hula hoop in all their winter gear should provide great entertainment for all you adults!

Snowball targets- instead of throwing them at each other, set up some targets to see who has the best aim!

Icicle scavenger hunt- freeze colored water in ice cube trays, then hide them throughout camp

Follow the leader- choose one girl to be leader, all the other girls must follow her path, walking only in her footprints

4. Keep toes warm! If  your girls are chilly in their sleeping bag, encourage them to stuff their clothes for the next day in the bottom of their bag. The less room in a sleeping bag means the less amount of air space a body has to heat up. Besides being warmer while in the bag, those clothes will also be warm when dressing in the morning!

That’s all for this week of outdoor program with Angela Ventris. Check back next week for more excited news and adventures in outdoor program!

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10 Responses to 4 Tips to Make Winter Camping Fun and Easy!

  1. Jane I. Duax says:

    Why can’t Scouts go snow shoeing or ice skating at Conestoga? What happened to all the cross country ski equipment Conestoga had pre-merger?

    • Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois says:

      Jane, unfortunately the binder clips on the skis have been in bad shape for a long time and with the use they’ve gotten over the past years, they were irreparable and disposed of. Currently, there isn’t an ice skating program designed for Camp Conestoga.

      • Lynn says:

        How come new skis have not been purchased? Why isn’t there an ice skating program? What needs to be done to get these two things in action so that the girls can benefit from their camp?

      • Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois says:

        Lynn, thank you for your questions. Angela Ventris can best answer your questions. Please contact her at 800-798-0833 or AngelaV@GirlScoutsToday.org.

      • mrsc4299gs says:


      • Lynn says:

        Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. Is there a reason that my questions cannot be answered right now, right here? Why not take the initiative to ask the questions yourself and post the answers on here instead of referring me to someone else? One answer right now can provide an answer for many people.

      • Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois says:

        We planned for construction to begin and didn’t reinvest in winter equipment nor plan winter programs this year. Camp Conestoga is still open and available for use. We will keep you updated as we move forward.

      • Lynn says:

        So by moving forward does that mean that you are currently:

        1. in the progress of purchasing new skis and equipment and
        2. planning the winter ice skating program and
        3. completing construction?

        If it does not, what does moving forward mean?

        Thank you so much for your direct answers! I can imagine that the girls will be happy that they will be able to look forward to these events.

  2. Paul says:

    Tip n. 4 is the best!

  3. Jane I. Duax says:

    Hi Allison – I agree with Lynn Stoner – could you find out the answers to her question “What needs to be done to get these two things in action so that the girls can benefit from their camp?” (equally at all 4 camps.)

    Also could you find out when our Council might be doing something like this:
    “Attention adults! Become a Camp Champion! Attend our work day at Whispering Pines Sat., Dec. 7 to help “winterize” CWP for the winter camping season. http://bit.ly/1eIE0D8 We will be doing such work items as attaching tarps and/or Visqueen to the cabins in Oak Ridge and Pine Hollow, installing “Plexiglas” panels in lodges, cleaning up and marking trails, cleaning up canoes/kayaks, etc. Sign up by 12/1. Volunteers will earn a new a “GSLE Camp Champions” hat.” https://www.facebook.com/GSLEcouncil

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