Girl Scout Camp, Where Friends Reconnect

A and C. Braid5.2013Recently, two Girl Scout Cadettes told us their touching story about how Girl Scout camp helped them to reconnect after seven years! Aislinn G. (right) and Charlotte G. (left) first met in pre-kindergarten, but fell out of touch as they moved on to different schools. This past summer a series of fortunate events brought them to the same summer camp session, Tally Ho at Camp Conestoga!

“My friend Aislinn and I were best friends in pre-kindergarten. After that, we went to different schools and didn’t see each other for seven years! Then we met again at Camp Conestoga at the English horseback riding session, Tally Ho!” said Charlotte. ” We were put in the same cabin and we spent the whole time catching up. We are now caught up and see each other every now and then. I am super happy that Girl Scout camp let us get together again!”

Summer resident camp is a great way to meet new friends, and reconnect with those you’ve known forever!

While your girls are waiting for summer to come around again, keep them connecting through camp at one of our many winter and spring events. Events have been filling up fast, even months in advance in some cases. Check out upcoming camp events  our calendar and register now to guarantee your spot!

Chill Factor- for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors- January 18- 19, 2014 at Camp Little Cloud
Learn what it takes to survive outdoors in the winter. Learn to snow shoe, make a snow shelter and learn basic outdoor skills. You can also get there January 17 and spend the night.

Winter Wonderland-  For Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and Program Aides- January 18, 2014 at Camp L-Kee-Ta
Girls will enjoy a day of sledding, ice skating and snow forts. No snow, no worries, we’ll still have plenty of winter time fun!

Program Aide- for Cadettes- March 1, 2014 at Camp L-Kee-Ta
This training is for girls who are interested in assisting with the Camp Pathway through Day Camp or other outdoor program, Pre-requisite: Completed Program Aide Basic Training

Wilderness Girls- for Juniors- March 29, 2014 at Camp L-Kee-Ta
Girls will learn to build a fire, shoot an arrow, and use a pocket knife safely during this outdoor skills based event.

Wilderness Leaders- for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors – April 11-12 at Camp L-Kee-Ta
Girls will review their outdoor skills during the overnight, then will inspire younger girls to love the outdoors by helping with an event during the next day! There’s an option overnight on Saturday.

Blaze Your Trail- for Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors – April 26-27 at Camp Tahigwa
Spend the weekend exploring Camp Tahigwa on foot! Girls will learn the basics of backpacking, then will pack up and hike to inspiration point to spend the night and watch the sun rise from your tent the next morning! (all backpacking equipment will be provided). You can spend the night Friday if you choose!

There are many other outdoor events scheduled throughout the year in other locations as well. Be sure to check our online calendar for a full list out outdoor activities!

About Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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One Response to Girl Scout Camp, Where Friends Reconnect

  1. Jane I. Duax says:

    Great post!! Glad to see so many things planned at Camp L-Kee-Ta and that there is at least one thing happening at 3 out 4 of our camps! Hope some things will be planned for Camp Conestoga soon, as it is my understanding the Camp is still open and avialable for holding events & activities!

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