How to Prepare Your Girl for Camp


It’s hard to believe it with the temperatures in the -20’s, but summer camp registration will begin on January 31st! I’ll be posting more about all the opportunities we have coming for girls as January 31 gets closer. In the mean time, I thought I’d share  some helpful hints for those of you thinking of sending your girl to Girl Scout camp.

It’s up to you and your daughter to determine when she is ready for an overnight experience away from home. Here are several tips to help your daughter and you prepare for a fantastic camp experience this summer.

If your daughter has not spent the night away from home, begin with an overnight at the home of a relative or close family friend. This a small step but her and your confidence will grow with each step you take!

Another option is to host a sleepover for your daughter and another child who has been to your house before. This gives your daughter the opportunity to experience a sleepover, while having the comfort of being in her own home.


  • Be sure to discuss the sleepover with your daughter, give her plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Offer responses she can use if she does not want to do something while at the sleepover, like eat a food she doesn’t like.
  • Pack something familiar such as a stuffed animal that she can sleep with.
  • Let her know that it is ok to call home if she feels uncomfortable for any reason and that it’s ok if she wants to end the sleepover early, or stay until the morning. The first sleep over (or two) shouldn’t be considered all or nothing; some children might make it until 10 p.m. and then feel the need to call and check in or to go home.
  • Talk to the parent/adult in charge during the sleepover. Ask them the questions you want to know: what food will be served? will any movies be shown? This is a great opportunity to let the family know about anything about your daughter they will need to know such as allergies, and fears such as scary movies or large pets.

Preparing your daughter (and you!) will make everyone more comfortable during the sleepover and will help her be ready for a more extended stay at Girl Scout camp this summer!

Check out a slide show with more tips about prepping your daughter for an overnight stay here.

That’s all for this week of outdoor program with Angela Ventris. Check back next week for more excited news and adventures in outdoor program!

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We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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