5 Steps To Take Your Troop Camping

Camp L-Kee-Ta Troop CampYou don’t have to be an experienced “camper” to have a good time at one of our camps with your girls. With a little preparation your troop or group can have an awesome weekend away from it all, getting to know each other a little better, and creating memories that last forever! 

We encourage troop leaders to take their troops camping yet we haven’t explained how to do that. Here are the 5 steps to spending the night at camp.

1. Take Overnight/Troop Readiness training.
We want to ensure that you are comfortable and confident when you take your girls on an overnight, especially in the outdoors. This training includes information on going beyond the meeting place, longer field trips, and overnight experiences with emphasis on using camp lodges.

Here are the upcoming training dates:
April 12 – Camp Little Cloud
April 26 – Waterloo Area, TBA

We offer a home study for this component of outdoor certification. You can request one to be mailed to you by using this form.

2. Complete Camp Skills training.
This training provides skills and resources to help girls plan an outdoor program, including fire building, cooking, safety planning, and progression.

Here are the upcoming training dates:
April 12 – Camp Little Cloud
April 26 – Waterloo Area, TBA
May 17-18 -Camp L-Kee-Ta

3. Pick a camp and reserve your space.
Now this is the hard part, there are a lot of fun things to experience at each one of our facilities, discussing all the options with your girls should be a lot of fun! You can read more about each facility and find the contact information for each camp ranger here: www.girlscoutstoday.org/camp/facilities

4. Plan your activities and your meals.
The ranger for each camp can help you determine what activities your girls will enjoy the most. If you need a trained facilitator, she/he can help you with that as well for activities such as archery. Before you plan an activity, make sure you are able to lead the activity safely. It’s not a bad idea to consult Safety Activity Checkpoints to double and triple check. Here are some ideas to consider:

Make some SWAPS.
Here are plenty of outdoor activities for a whole weekend.
Songs and games are a big part of going to camp, learn more here!
Don’t forget, Girl Scouts leave a place cleaner than they found it, plan to do kapers before you leave.

5. Spend time at camp and enjoy the outdoors.
You don’t need to commit to a whole weekend to experience the fun of camp. Our facilities are perfect for an afternoon outdoors. We invite everyone to sample camp for just the day, perhaps pack a picnic lunch and go on a hike! Just be sure to check with the ranger of the camp you will be visiting to make sure camp is available that day.

Summer Camp Update
Camp registration is still in full swing, if your girl attended camp last year she should have received a $15 camp gift certificate.  Reminder those camp gift certificates are only worth $15  until March 1st, so mail them in or drop them off at your nearest leadership center today. After March 1st the value decreases to $5.

About Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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