My Favorite Childhood Camping Memory

written by Breanne Walstead

What’s your favorite childhood camping memory? My favorite memory is one with a life lesson at the end!

When I was a Girl Scout, I stayed at Camp Ehawee in La Crosse, WI for two weeks! While camping, my favorite adventure was hiking the trails throughout the woods and reaching our swampy destination, a runoff of the Black River. While hiking the trails, we searched for animal tracks and guessed which animals they belonged to. We even saw fox, deer, raccoon, and bald eagles! Once we arrived at the swamp, we put our four canoes in the water and paddled off for one hour. After canoeing, we went creek hopping at Crystal Creek and headed back towards our residence through the piney woods.

Later that night, while sitting around the camp fire signing songs, my legs began to itch and wouldn’t stop no matter how much I scratched them! Turned out, while venturing off looking for animal tracks, I stomped through some poison ivy. My camp counselor gave me calamine lotion to spread all over my legs. Luckily, the itching went away and I was able to enjoy the camp fire. I was completely healed by the time I had to go home. Be careful where you’re walking while hiking those trails, or be sure to wear pants so you can stomp through anything!

It’s time to sign your girl up for Girl Scout camp; help her build a fantastic list of memories like mine (minus the poison ivy!)! We have plenty of opportunities this spring and summer to get your girl outdoors!

Hear are some ideas to get your girls to Girl Scout camp in the near future:

  • Learn all about camp at Family Fun Day at Camp Little Cloud. Meet Camp Director Alicia Soppe, tour camp, roast s’mores, make a craft, and explore our facility.
  • Come join us explore Camp Tahigwa on foot at Blaze Your Trail for girls in 6th-12th grade! Girls will learn trail safety and how to pack their own hiking backpack before they set out for an overnight adventure. Most equipment is even provided, all your girl needs is a sleeping bag.
  • Learn about caring and riding horses at Camp Little Cloud during Spring horseback riding! From beginner to experienced, different levels of are available to match the girls’ level of experience. Sessions are available for troops and individual girls.

Now it’s your turn:

Register her for Girl Scout summer resident camp today! Girl Scout camp provides the opportunity for girls to explore the outdoors, learn new physical skills like swimming or archery, grow by developing their interest, and learn life skills such as leadership and self-reliance. Under the guidance of caring, trained adults, girls develop an appreciation for the great outdoors while learning outdoor education.

And leave a message to share your favorite childhood camping memory!

About Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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