Highlights of One Fantastic Weekend


Troop 5561 giving a thumbs up at Honoring Excellence to all Girl Scouts (girls and volunteers) honored this weekend!

This weekend Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois honored some simply amazing Girl Scouts, both volunteers and girls. The Annual Meeting and Recognition Celebration and Honoring Excellence were wonderful events that brought the spotlight to those that deserve it. Congratulations to everyone! Here is the list of those honored:

Honor Pin recipients: Theresa Bergthold, Amy Mason, Lori Walljasper

Thanks Badge recipients: Theresa Dunkin, Marj Grimm

Volunteer Years of Service

  • 55 Years: Mildred Clarkson-Freyer, Marlys Schmidt, Jan Speer
  • 50 Years: Mary Ann Borbeck, Janice Crowe
  • 40 Years: Pamela Kerndt
  • 35 Years: Geraldine Floyd
  • 30 Years: Rayanne Burrack, Elizabeth Grundstrom, Peggy Crew, Joyce Marinaccio, Joann Kay Proctor
  • 25 Years: Marty Beck, Paula Mahoney, Peggy Merfeld, Lee Mowers, Jeffrey Rath, Heather Weber
  • 20 Years: Hiede Rodby, Charles Smith, Teresa Smith, Malinda Stivers

President’s Award earners: Service Units 606, 607, 616, 624, 626, 760, 803, 806, 810, 811, 812, 816, 819, 821, 831, 835, 838, 857, 858, 867, 870, 871, 877, 886, 889, 897, 923, 930, 940

Girl of Courage Scholarship: Caitlyn Hill

Girl of Confidence Scholarship: Kendra Conforti

Girl of Character Scholarship: Cassidy Kolwey

Doneta Schaeffer Memoral Scholarship: Alyssa Mendenhall and Kaylee Hilgenberg

Bronze Award earners: Troop 9107, Troop 9014, Troop 8613, Troop 6578, Troop 8920, Troop 8814, Troop 278, Troop 6282, Troop 8371, Troop 8647, Troop 8580, Troop 8329, Troop 7002, Troop 8972, Troop 8957, Troop 5561, Troop 8318, Troop 8260, Troop 6039, Troop 9107, Troop 7870, Troop 9143, Troop 7217, Troop 7269, Troop 6069, Troop 75, Troop 2650, Troop 8429, Troop 7082, Troop 8872, Troop 8423, Troop 431, Troop 8590, Troop 278, Troop 328, Troop 413, Troop 6282, Troop 8371, Troop 8647, Troop 8580, Troop 8414, Troop 8333, Troop 8329, Troop 8629, Troop 8867, Troop 7002, Troop 8972

Silver Award earners: Troop 7095, Troop 8078, Troop 8714, Troop 8260, Troop 8504, Troop 8824, Wiatt Hughes, Troop 8138, Lauren Davis, Troop 8314, Troop 4032, Troop 75, Troop 9290, Troop 377, Troop 414, Troop 662, Troop 1238, Troop 1486, Troop 4032, Troop 702, Troop 6045, Troop 7071, Troop 7072, Troop 7215, Troop 8010, Troop 8500, Troop 8858, Troop 9146, Troop 1375, Troop 8962

Gold Award earners: Zildjian Bartels, Eva Dynes, Brianna Farley, Abigail Joens, Kelsey Kirchoff, Alyssa Mendenhall, Miranda Roudabush, Tori Moshier, Courtney Wiedenmann

Graduating Seniors: Jasmine Babers, Claire Bacon, Megan Beck, Sarah Bell, Stephanie Bergland, Katelynn Bergmann, Samantha Bies, Elizabeth Bonin, Emma Bormann, Lexis Bragg, Kaylee Braun, Miranda Brewer, Jenna Breitbach, Amanda Bunce, Chelcie Busch, Eddna Byers, Amber Carroll, Katherine Chanez, Cheyenne Claussen, Abbey Coleman, Kendra Conforti, Erin Cook, Eman Daoud, Eva Dynes, Samantha Eberle, Emily Eickert, Kaylynn Eiler, Madeline Eisermann, Emily Ernster, Kathryn Ferguson, Audrey Flack, Breanna French, Samantha Gibbs, Nicole Goodwin, Samantha Graff, Madison Hand, Allie Harmon, Janelle Heitmeier, Kaylee Hilgenberg, Stephanie Howsare, Shya Hughes, Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw, Abigail Jackson, Nicole Johnson, Sydney Johnson, Rebecca Kacena, Megan Liechty, Faith Little, Sara Logas, Melinda Luecke, Taylor Massey, Lindsay Matthews, Melody May, Madison McElmeel, Alexia Meeks, Alyssa Mendenhall, Michelle Merritt, Kelly Mickael, Kayla Miller, Sara Miner, Tori Moshier, Robin Murphy, Samantha Ohlson, Lexus Orth, Kathryn Parsons, Carlene Paul, Briana Pazour, Emily Peck, Rebecca Petersen, Meghan Pfannenstiel, Kaelee Plante, Elizabeth Popejoy-Geiken, Emmalee Purdum, Elizabeth Rath, Breayona Reed, Veda Rossi, Tasha Sauser, Melissa Schoer, Coel Schultz, Samantha Smith, Samantha Steffensmeier, Rachel Stika, Emily Stockdale, Rachel Swinehart, Kay Switzer, Deannea Tanner, Sarah Waggoner, Tempest Wisdom

See our photos from the Annual Meeting and Recognition Celebration and Honoring Excellence and remember what a difference every Girl Scout is making!

Did you take any photos at either of these events? Share them with us (on Facebook, or via email at AllisonP@GirlScoutsToday.org), and we’ll add them to our collection!

About Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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