Girls were busy blazin’ their trails!

Ten Girl Scouts and eight adults got outside to explore the trails of Camp Tahigwa during a two-night backpack introduction event on April 25-27. And let me tell ya, it was a blast- a trail blazin’ blast!

Friday night, they spent some time learning about the food they would take along, and picked out the perfect backpack and sleeping pad. Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable while adventuring?! Tabitha, Emily, Cheyanne, Emily, Abigail and Stacie look ready to go!

Troop 1705 being fitted for backpacks

After breakfast on Saturday, everyone spend the morning chatting with avid backpackers Jess and Justin Blake, who have been taken teens backpacking for the past 7 years. They shared some of the lessons they learned from their very first backpacking trips- so the Girl Scouts wouldn’t make the same mistakes they did. They even discussed the very important “outdoor bathroom procedure” aka how to dig a hole in the ground!

A Camp Tahigwa “Tour Guide” joined in the fun of exploring the trails of camp- Kim Corson, or Linus, as you may know her.


After lunch the girls packed all supplies- clothing, two meals worth of food, tents- everything needed to spend the night then headed out. One on their way, they started by walking across Bear Creek on the swinging bridge.


After hiking several trails, the girls stopped to enjoy exploring off the trail, break for some trail mix and re-hydrate with some water. Check this silly picture of Holly and Bella from troop 8318, taken  towards the end of the 3 mile hike.


After visiting the tree houses and the Adirondack shelters (Adis), the obstacle course was the  last stop for some team challenges. They girls supported Hannah from troop 8084  as she took her turn crossing this tightrope.


And cheered Camryn from troop 8084 as she swung across this Tarzan-inspired rope!

Our Ultimate Destination

The girls discovered Sunrise, a fantastic out look over the rest of camp, what a view! Isn’t it gorgeous?

girls at sunrise

Dinner was made at Sunrise; spaghetti and pudding in a bag (not in the same bag though (: )! Unfortunately, the adventure was cut short due to the weather. A low of 34 and rain would have made for a miserable night outside. The girls still wanted to stay in their tents, so they set up camp in the lodge!

girls in tent

Overall, the weather was great and a blast was had by all!


Come With Us on the Next Adventure

We’re looking forward to our next adventure- Amazing Race at Camp Conestoga May 16-17! If you are interested in helping with this event or others, we are always looking for adults to teach girls outdoor skills. Email Angela Ventris at


About Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

We build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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