5 Steps to Train for a Race!



Step 1: Exercise! This may be an obvious answer, but for many it’s a challenge to get themselves outside to for a walk or bike ride. Try to get your heart rate up for about 20 consecutive minutes a day. Also, try exercising with a group! No matter what physical state you or your friends are in, there is almost always a healthy activity that you can do together that is also fun.

Step 2: Nutrition.  But that doesn’t mean you have to devote your life to salad. Though the word “carb” might sound like a bad word when it comes to eating better, it’s really not! Just make sure you’re consuming “good” carbs that will give you lots of energy (chestnuts, blueberries, and figs are a couple options).

Step 3: Resistance Training. C’mon, did you think that you would be able to do a race without doing SOME intentional workout? Maybe if you knew that strength training (aka lifting weights) reduces body fat, increases lean muscle mass, and burns calories more efficiently you would be more inclined to give it a shot. The weights don’t have to be rented through a gym, either; pick up a jug of water or your dog and do some curls and squats.

Step 4: Goal Setting. If you can’t see where the finish line is, you might be inclined to feel discouraged. Setting goals for time and endurance will help you keep your eye on the prize and motivate you to continue your training until the very end.

Step 5: Join us at one of our upcoming Girl Scout events! Did you know that Girl Scouts supports healthy living? We have two great opportunities coming up for you, your family, and you daughter to get exercising: One Tough Cookie race and IronGirls Tri Club.

Learn more about One Tough Cookie (psssst- ‘Like” One Tough Cookie on Facebook for a registration discount!) and IronGirls Tri Club and register today!

[Sources: Mayo Clinic, Active.com]

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