It was an Amazing Race- Girl Scout style!

We hosted an Amazing Race at Camp Conestoga May 16-17, 2014. Girl Scouts were challenged in making new friends, trying new things, and finding their way around camp in a unusual ways!

On Friday night was all about making new friends. Here is part of the group during some team challenges.





Next, they learned the basics of several outdoor skills including archery, six basic knots, pocket knife safety and camp site safety. There was also the opportunity to learn more about backpacking, and how to use a compass to navigate through a challenge course.


Saturday was the true Amazing Race! Once divided into teams, girls completed up to seven stations meant to test the groups knowledge of the skills they learned the previous night. Teams received a series of coordinates, a compass, and a map of camp to navigate from station to station.

Girls took the six knot challenge, in which the team had to race to tie six knots as fast as they could.  The teams learned about fire building, then had to make a fire, boil a pot of water and then put the fire out. They also had an opportunity to try out the zip line.



The teams ended by honing their archery skills and shooting at balloons pinned to the targets for an extra tricky challenge!

We all had a fantastic time, thanks to all the volunteers and adult participants who made the event so much fun for girls!

Come out to camp!

Interested in attending Girl Scout resident camp or an outdoor event? Find out more at We still have resident camp sessions available for this summer!

That’s all for this week of outdoor program with Angela Ventris. Check back next week for more excited news and adventures in outdoor program!

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